The Conflict and War Study Group (CWSG) is a research group led by Dr. Rudloff at Oklahoma State University for the study of civil and international conflict. The goal of the CWSG is for undergraduate students to gain experience in research, develop knowledge of useful software (R, RStudio, git, Slack), and to make contributions to the research of war and conflict in political science.

The group meets regularly to discuss progress on research projects, for occasional tours of research facilities, and workshops on research topics. The group is small so that individual students may receive more research mentoring if they are working on their own projects. The CWSG is intended to benefit students by preparing them for graduate school, employment in sectors where the use of data and data analysis is valued, and enriching their academic experience while at Oklahoma State University.

If you are interested in applying to become a member of the research group, or would like more information, feel free to contact Dr. Rudloff or click the Apply button on the homepage.


Below are the personnel currently involved in the research group, as well as alumni that have contributed research.

Group Leader

Dr. Peter Rudloff founded the Conflict and War Study Group in 2016 to provide a way to support undergraduate research experiences at Oklahoma State University. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Oklahoma State University and is interested in both international and civil conflict.

Current Scholars


Erin Smith (Fall 2016 - Spring 2017) from Cashion, Oklahoma is pursuing a degree in political science.


Below are the projects that the Conflict and War Study Group are currently engaged in.

Rebel Groups and Terrorism

Rebel groups engage in a wide variety of violence, including attacks against government forces, civilians, peacekeepers, other rebel groups. Some of these may be considered acts of terrorism. Understanding whether and when rebel groups are likely to engage in different forms of violence would further our understanding of which individuals are most at risk from rebel violence during a civil war. This project is currently collecting data on rebel-group perpetrated terrorism in recent civil wars.


The Conflict and War Study Group is currently open to undergraduates interested in gaining research experience at Oklahoma State University. Students from any major can apply to become a member of the research group, and no previous research experience is required. The hourly commitment for the group varies by week, and is largely at the discretion at the student, since participation in the research group should never interfere with a student’s success in the classroom.

There are some requirements to join the group. First, students should be interested in the topic civil and international war (even if they have never taken a class or conducted research on the topic). Second, students will be required to complete the university’s Responsible Conduct of Research training. More information on this training can be found here. Students must also agree to a research agreement assigning copyright of work to Dr. Rudloff, and further agree not to engage in any form of scientific misconduct.

If the CWSG interests you, feel free to contact Dr. Rudloff.